About the Editor

Ashwin Ramesh

Ashwin Ramesh, the Editor of Real Estate Fortunes, is a veteran in the real estate world of India.

Ashwin is the founder and Director of Primary Real Estate Advisors, a fund for wealthy foreigners who want to invest in Indian real estate. Right now, Ashwin and his team oversee tens of crores of investments.

Ashwin inherited real estate knowledge from his father, who is somewhat of a local legend in Mumbai, and has been making real estate deals here since the 1950s.

After becoming a Chartered Accountant and earning a Bachelor’s in Law, Ashwin joined his father’s business in 1991. Working together for over two decades, they’ve made hundreds of investments, making crores of profit for themselves and their clients.

Ashwin’s decades of experience, blueprint to find real estate investment opportunities with massive profit potential, and strategies to protect one’s hard-earned money, make Real Estate Fortunes one of the best investing newsletters in Indian real estate.